Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Reddit Project

Ok, ok, project is a pretty important sounding word considering the small effort I put into this. After hearing about bloggers posting links to their blogs in Reddit and getting a lot of hits (and hate). That's exactly what I did. Actually I received some hate, but mostly it was useful (if harsh, at times) feedback. In hindsight, it would seem I chose poorly on a post to start my "posting the blog to Reddit" career. It was an opinion piece. I got criticized for both linking too many other blogs and not supporting my statements with links (which to me are contradictory, but at least it was not one person making both criticisms). Now, for the traffic.

Weekly stats as of 9/23/13

All time stats as of 9/23/13

So, if you want to get some hits on your blog, a Reddit post is not a bad idea. Just expect a flame-blast of criticism. 

PS. The reason the stats are so old is because I wrote this post in September but never published it.

Born to be Down

I tried to quit EVE. It didn't work. I got fed up with a lot of things and unsubbed my accounts. However I had unfinished business. I had the rest of the Archons to build. I bought the materials to build six Archons and two Chimeras (along with the Chimera BPO). This was my first go at building cap ships were I was entirely self-sufficient. In my previous runs I had relied on on Parasoja (of EVE Fail Posting) for help on the hauling. This time it was all me. I didn't go from all of the minerals in Jita 4-4 to magically having them in my corp hangar. I had to buy, haul, compress, move, decompress, and start building. It was a learning experience, to say the least. Plus a bit of excitement when I jumped my freighter into a trap on the low-sec gate. Fortunately, despite some clumsiness on my part, the freighter and the webbing Rapier both got away unharmed. I think they were surprised as me.

Once I decided to finish the build project, I got myself involved in some more things while I was waiting. Put an alt in FW, did some more RVB, and started building some capital ship rigs. Then I decided it was time to get my main character back in the good graces of CONCORD, but not before I gave some "you need to fly a tanked mining barge" lessons to some rock-murderers. Unfortunately, this would come to bite me in the ass later, when I forgot about my kill rights. Well, I didn't really forget, when you have been playing as long as me, you start to get cocky and think "it will never happen to me." It will. Overconfidence is a problem sometimes. I know what can get me killed, but 

But, I'm still frustrated. I really want to PVP, and I want to do it in a fun, but organized group. Right now my PVP is mostly solo and nearly all frustrating. I roam for hours at a time and can barely ever find fights. Well, fights I can win (my little T1 frigate against your 2 destroyers and an Assault Frigate? no thanks...). Usually, here is my pattern: Fit a nice ship, kill some cheap meaningless shit (<10M ISK ships, cyno frigs), then get blown up, usually by a gate camp or something else equally shameful. Quite frankly I'm amazed my ISK efficiency is more than 50%. When I look at my killboard I often wish my kills were my losses and vice versa. I want to be able to fly nicely fit Taloses or battleships or HACs. But when I do put one together it dies horribly. I don't know that I've ever refilled the ammo on a PVP ship. That's sad. I would spend ISK on better ships, but I would like to do it somewhere where it makes a difference. 

Anyone looking for the services of a pilot with 80M+ SP that can fly every subcap ship (except blops, marauder and command ships) with full T2 fittings? I have done wormholes, incursions, high sec industry and missions, low sec pirating, null sec foot soldier. Pretty much everything. The only things I know for sure I haven't done is reaction farms and boosters.