Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Reddit Project

Ok, ok, project is a pretty important sounding word considering the small effort I put into this. After hearing about bloggers posting links to their blogs in Reddit and getting a lot of hits (and hate). That's exactly what I did. Actually I received some hate, but mostly it was useful (if harsh, at times) feedback. In hindsight, it would seem I chose poorly on a post to start my "posting the blog to Reddit" career. It was an opinion piece. I got criticized for both linking too many other blogs and not supporting my statements with links (which to me are contradictory, but at least it was not one person making both criticisms). Now, for the traffic.

Weekly stats as of 9/23/13

All time stats as of 9/23/13

So, if you want to get some hits on your blog, a Reddit post is not a bad idea. Just expect a flame-blast of criticism. 

PS. The reason the stats are so old is because I wrote this post in September but never published it.

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