Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Summary

This is a brief attempt to summarize my activities for June. I really wish I was keeping track of things a lot better (detailed spreadsheets), but... effort.


A decent month overall. 33 kills (2.76B ISK), 10 losses (0.31B ISK), for 89.95% efficiency overall. About half of them were solo. It's kind of hard to tell exactly since killboards count npc damage as another person on the kill-mails. I've been focusing on flying smaller and cheaper ships. Strangely, my top killing ship was my Rapier with 5 kills, which I don't recall even flying that much. The second place was my Tristan with 4 kills. If I was to guess I would have said that the Tristan was the top killer by a significant margin, because I felt like I spent a lot of time in it. It was my go-to T1 frigate. Amusingly, I had 6 kills in "scanning ships" (Anathema, Probe, Imicus) when combined. Last month I had 4 kills in them. I don't have a good reason for doing this other than laziness and I think killmails with what are traditionally considered non-combat ships are pretty much hilarious. I would be doing battle Badgers (and Iteron Vs) like crazy if the frigate-rebalancing hadn't significantly bumped up the DPS and survivability of T1 frigates.
I need to improve on my target selection. I keep killing shit ships and losing nice ones. I don't know what else to do really, because I do not take fights that I don't think I can win. For the most part anyway, sometimes you need to fly at something and hope the pilot is not on his game. Otherwise you will never get the chance to kill shit-fit battleships with a frigate. I probably also need to expand my hunting grounds a bit. I pretty much restrict myself to the Faction Warfare (FW) systems connected in the shape of the infinity symbol on the DOTLAN Caldari / Gallente FW map. Mostly out of laziness, because I can go on a 10-system and end up in my home system without any backtracking. Hunting FW plexers is like tigers hunting scare mice or something. They almost always run, and frequently don't even bother to fit their ships.


3 Archons came out of the cooker this month. Acutally the first might have been in May. The first 2 sold and the 3rd is still on the market. I lost a small Caldari research POS, so I'm kind of out of sorts as need to put a replacement back up. I previously had a large POS, but the 400M ISK a month fuel bill got old. I will probably put a medium or large to replace it. A large pay for itself under the right circumstances, but I don't have the capital to buy any more capital component BPOs to make it do so. If I was able to make a reaction/research POS, that might actually be worth-while. I will probably sell the component BPOs to generate some cash to buy materials for more carriers. This is the area where I wish I was more careful in recording income and expenditures.


I pretty much abandoned my trade hub arbitrage and station trading project. Not consciously, but I sold everything and didn't buy more in order to liquidate my assets to jump-start my capital construction project. I did start up my company store for my compatriots in Hevrice. Right now I have about 2.2B ISK in sell orders. I am doing a little bit  better at keeping track of this, but not as much as I would like. I will continue to expand my item list and optimizing it a bit. There are some items I have listed that I'm pretty sure I sold absolutely none of in the past month. I am primarily using EVE Mentat to keep track of this. I am going to have to do some spreadsheeting to identify the slow-movers and move them to a hub to dump. This provides a steady stream of income that is continually funneled back into itself.


Nothing to speak of, except for preparations for running some Epic Arcs for the phat stacks of cash. I am considering running some more COSMOS missions, which I haven't done any for 3 years, but from what I can recall, they don't really pay that well and if you aren't a regular mission runner, you probably won't have the standings to do too much beyond the level 1/2 missions. I do plan to run some exploration sites during quiet times in the upcoming month.


My play time has been pretty limited lately, at least compared to what I might have done in times past. I have a lot more commitments now that I am married and have a family. I struggle occasionally to properly balance family and gaming in my free time. Sometimes I do wonder where having a hobby ends and addiction begins, but at least it is something that I am conscious of. 
I need to make a new corp wallet division to keep the different money-making activities differentiated.

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