Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disposable Heroes (History Part 2)

This is part 2 of my history in EVE Online.

My last recorded kill with Mostly Harmless was this one in February 2011. It's kinda cool that is was the e-celebrity (or at least EVE-celebrity) Shadoo. I moved my stuffs out to highsec that March and just kind of relaxed. I did some solo roaming, which often ended badly. I also carebeared it up and worked on my standings.

Running L4 missions for Ministry of War (7/15/2011)

At least I was fitting T2 guns on the hurricane by this point. I did apply to Rixx Javix's corporation, Lucifer's Hammer, somewhere around this time-frame and was rejected. One of the reason that was given was that for the sample fit you supposed to provide in the application, I submitted a meta-level gunned Hurricane and was informed that 2 year old player should damned well be fitting T2 guns on everything. At the time I had T2 medium hybrids and lasers but not T2 medium projectiles. Derp! Darn that Rixx guy! (insert foreshadowing here)

Around this time I was starting to read EVE related blogs a lot and learning about some of the different groups there were. I was a big fan of Wensley's Rifter Drifter (sadly now defunct). It was from reading this blog and similar ones that I learned about Miura Bull and his newly formed Black Rebel Rifter Club (R1FTA). I applied and was accepted. I started to finally learn to pvp and not be quite as terrified when the guns start to go off (my heart still pounds when I lock up my targets, but not like then). I solo'd a lot, since R1FTA is pretty much a solo pvp club, with some small-gang shenanigans thrown in. The Rebels were highly resistant (at the time at least) to getting on to voice comms so fleets were fun, disorganized comedy-of-errors. Especially the ones with DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL and n00bpwner4000 PounderThose guys would tackle literally anything with their Firetails or Rifters. No shits were given. They died a lot, but more often than not killed their targets. This was a good time. MB kept the wardecs coming and jumping into Teon for the occasional gank meant there was fun to be had without even flying into the pvp thunderdome that was Heild and its 2/10 plex. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on that last part about the thunderdome, but memories always seem better than than the reality. I really did have a blast terrorizing hisec carebears with awesome scary names like EvillMoon Akademiyaas well as Xujar, Flight Academy, Lazy Worms Academy and many others.

And then there was The Bull. Miura BullTruly awesome guy. Great pilot. It is unfortunate that he was Euro TZ and I was USTZ, because I didn't get to fly with him very much. This is a guy that has skill AND luck. Because, reading some of his blog posts, there are tons of mouthbreathers that throw themselves in his way to get slaughters. I'm not taking away from his skill, because he is awesome, I'm just saying he runs into a lot of people that seem to fervently want to explode in front of him. I would provide links, but really, just go read his blog, especially some of the earlier posts.

Also, any discussion of R1FTA would not be complete without a mention of Lhorenzo. Who spent time between between his often off the wall (dare I say, batshit-crazy) rants continuing his cyno-killing crusade. Grandpa by day, ruthless killer by nights. The Pol Pot of cyno alts and a genuine all around nice guy to his friends. 

Me trying to set shit straight with DARKSTAR (01/13/2012)

Eventually I got tired of pell mell fleets that went down like a Keystone Kops episode because people would not get on comms and started to look for something a bit more organized. I left R1FTA in March 2012 (before MB's addiction to creating new alliances and corporations surfaced) and joined Ars Ex Discordia (ARSED), which was part of TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST).

But that is a story for next time.

Hulkageddon (5/14/2012)

PS. If anyone from R1FTA by any chance has access to the battle report I wrote on the forums on this kill, please send it to me. I assume it has probably expired or lost in the transition from corporation to alliance forums, but I thought I would ask. There was a good story behind this, but my report back then would be a lot more accurate and interesting than my memory of the fight.

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