Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PSA: No More 51 Day Trials for "Free" in CCP's Buddy Program

I got a nasty surprise a few days ago. While working on a "sekrit" project I tried to extend a trial account by 30 days for free, like I have done in the past. Basically how this worked was to send a trial invite to someone (or yourself), buy them a PLEX from the market, they use the PLEX to subscribe their account, and you get a PLEX back, which you can sell on the market. Well, CCP changed the terms and conditions about six months ago. Now you can choose a reward between 30 days of game time, a PLEX, or a Catalyst Pack (which includes all 6 variations of the Catalyst, valued at about 230 Million ISK when I checked the price). What has changed is that you cannot choose the PLEX reward unless the buddy subscribes with a credit card or some other form of real-money payment. As far as I can tell, they didn't really publicize this. I petitioned this and was very politely, but firmly refused by two GMs. In my petition I asked that they at least publicly mention this since people do not commonly read T&Cs on programs that they have already used. They should, but they don't. It was a lesson learned for me and I just unintentionally PLEX-ed my account. I hope anyone who is planning on participating in the buddy program will see this post.


  1. You use your main account to buy your second account a plex, the second account goes to 51 days. And your main gets 30 days.

    You're only spending 500-600m to get 81 days... 30 days on one account and 51 on another.

    That's 6.1m per day compared to 16.6m a day.

    Your main is probably well established and could easily earn all of that in a few hours.

    1. That is true. However my point was to warn people that it is going to cost you ISK or real money to do a buddy account subscription. Doing it at no net cost to yourself is no longer possible.